Can Google Docs be a good backlink for websites

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Boy am I curious about this one: How to use Google Docs as a backlink for a website.

I stumbled across this concept today and really have wondered if I could influence the search engines with Google Docs.  This struck me as something to try because Google tends to like links from its products (like youtube) more than it likes other link sources.  So, what if I did a story and saved it as a Google word processing document and I had it marked as ‘public’ and I then through a backlink at it?  Would it index? Would any links be counted as valid? 

Now we have to test.  So I created a document about a Denver restaurant kitchen hood cleaning company. This should get picked up and indexed here and the link should cause the Google document to get indexed.  If it does, then it should be a decent link.

Let’s see if it works!  The rankings for ProCo are not terrible but if you trusted Majestic TF/CF ratings, you’d think that it would rank much higher.

denver hood cleaning rankings


But again, the site is not ranking that well yet.  And I really love the site.  It’s well built and it has great content.  So, we’ll see.  I will post later as to whether this really helps.


ProCo Hood Cleaning Denver