I like it when I run into entrepreneurs

I like it when I run into entrepreneurs

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I don’t travel a ton, but it seems that whenever I do, it is the small business entrepreneurs that I meet and become friends.  Seems I relate to them so much better than others.  Sorry if you’re somebody’s employee and you find that insulting.  It really isn’t meant to be.  It’s just that when I meet someone that has gone through the struggles of small business, we seem to relate to each other better.

A good example would be my new friend from Austin Texas, Mike Bunga.  Mike is a serial entrepreneur who owns a whiskey and rum distillery, a chemical distributorship, and a commercial hood cleaning company http://www.procohoodcleaning.com . And in the time I spent with Mike, I am pretty sure that restaurant hood cleaning is only a temporary company for him.  I bet he’s going to turn it into the best commercial kitchen  cleaning company in all of Texas, and then cut it loose for a big profit to some other entrepreneur.

See, that’s the kind of entrepreneur that I always lend up hanging out with – those that will jump into a business and either make is a raving success, or go down in flames and then dust themselves off and start another business.

I went sailing last year with two couples from the west coast.  One owned a plumbing company in the Reno/Tahoe area.  The other couple had worked in government jobs all their lives and now had retired.  We sailed for 12 days and by the time we had left the boat to go get flights home, I was 100% sure that I would not ever see that couple again.  Now, I’m sure they were not bad people, but for 12 days, I heard nothing but bitching and moaning about everything.  Where, my wife and I, along with plumber and his wife, took everything that went wrong (sailing is never perfect), with a grin and an attitude of ‘oh well, let’s adjust for the situation and sail on’.

That is where I truly see the difference in people.  Serial entrepreneurs tend to shake off the problems and try to make the best of the situation at hand.  I love that in my wife, my friends, and business partners.