Staying Legal. I need to incorporate my business

Staying Legal. I need to incorporate my business

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I was feeling pretty good about my blog fixes this week.  I have about 10 websites that I need do work on for clients.  So, I have enough work on my desk to keep me buried until Thanksgiving.

But, one thing that has my chops right now is the formation of my new corporation.  Being a small business owner, I have always registered my companies as sole proprietorships.  Now, I am in a situation where I need to separate the assets and liabilities completely because I tend to have partners. And with partners, you really add some issues. Nothing is truly predictable when you weave other peoples lives into your business.

So I started looking at incorporating in Nevada.  I’m not excited about the new fees that Nevada is levying against companies that simply domicile their corporations there.  So I looked at incorporating in Wyoming and contacted a company called Wyoming Discount Registered Agent for help and information.  I found Wyoming to be much less expensive and easier to do.  Also, I really like some of the privacy features of Wyoming.  For instance, nobody can go to the State of Wyoming and look up my members or shareholders.  (Wyoming does not even ask for a list).

For a few hundred dollars, Wyoming Discount Registered Agent was able to get my company officially opened in Wyoming.  Simple. And with very little effort on my part.  And I don’t even have to go to Wyoming.  Although I might want to – because I hear parts of Wyoming are breathtaking.  I think I’ll go visit Costa Rica first.