WordPress Hacker Attack

WordPress Hacker Attack

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Once again, we were targeted with a wordpress hacker attack. One of my buddies websites that I keep on my server has been the weak point for my server for the last year.  We have been hacked numerous times and it has really pissed me off.  So, I moved to a new hosting company that promises to scan for malware and viruses extensively and often.  This worked to a point, but somehow the hackers still got in (and it always seemed to be through my buddy’s wordpress blog).  But then what would happen is that my hosting company would move my whole html directory to ‘quarantine’ and ALL my sites would be offline.  That sucked.  So I had to find a way to make all my WordPress sites much more secure.  So I did the following:

  1. Made all admins use super secure passwords.
  2. Moved all the sign in pages away from the stock ‘wp-admin’ page to an obscure named page.
  3. Added wordfence defence program to the most attacked wordpress blogs.

Results have been very good.  Someone ran an attack last night and Wordfence showed me (via email) how extensive the attack was.  All the IP addresses for the attack were spoofed out of Europe.

But nothing made it through and my sites were not moved to quarantine. So, that is awesome. One wordpress hacker attack prevented!  Hopefully they will give up.

This weekend I am going to add Wordfence to all my sites.



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